Growing Disciples Wider Younger Deeper is at the heart of the vision for a growing diocese where more and more people are committing their lives to Jesus.

Parishes across the diocese are praying for growth and looking for new ways to nurture disciples, new and old.

This sheet points to resources that are available to help parishes to explore and prioritise discipleship.

DiscipleKit: a website run by CPAS. On the site you can choose from a variety of resources from many different publishers, all reviewed and rated. Resources are listed by category, these include: Small groups; Whole church; Beginning; Growing; Adults; Children; For men; For women; All-age and Sharing your faith.

By signing up for free as a registered member of the community, you can save your favourite resources and add your comments to the website. As a registered user, DiscipleKit will send occasional updates about resources via email, and suggest new ones for you to review. DiscipleKit, through CPAS, also produces two regular email newsletters: the first will email you short reviews of different discipleship resources that may be of interest to you: the second is a monthly leadership email. Both can be subscribed to online at

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